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Can We Talk?

Published on 04/05/2021

I have made so many wonderful connections with inspirational women through my coaching, my interviews, and my Facebook group. One of these is novelist and former psychotherapist Corie Skolnick. So when I heard Corie had launched a new venture with the equally impressive nonprofit founder, Stacey Clark, I had to learn more.

Corie and Stacey have joined forces to create “We Talk,” a fun and free challenge fostering connections between white and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) women.

Here’s how they explain it:

The “We Talk,” Social Connections Challenge for Women is a national, intercultural, multi-generational, challenge tackling the issue of racism and social injustice in America one amazing conversation and connection at a time. To be successful two women from different ancestral backgrounds complete all of Dr. Arthur Aron’s famed, 36 questions along with a few other virtual relationship-building adventures over a 5-week period. The goal is to discover the things we have in common, to build bridges and develop and expand our friendship circles to include people who don’t share our ancestry. This is how we begin to deal with our own implicit bias and to overcome racism, one woman at a time. 

Learn more in my interview with Corie and Stacey.

I love their mission and, as a woman of action, I immediately volunteered to join the next “We Talk” cohort. I was paired with Valerie, a lovely Black woman from Connecticut. During our Zoom sessions, we shared our perspectives on 36 interesting questions (none to do with race, politics, or religion) and discovered that, despite our very different cultural and family backgrounds, we do indeed have much in common—for example, how we’d describe our perfect day (complete with nature, connection, and learning elements).

We also both love the movie Shawshank Redemption and have seen Earth Wind & Fire in concert multiple times. In our last session, we had fun “shopping” for each other. I gifted Valerie her dream RV and she gave me my coveted teleportation machine.

YOUR TURN: Why not make a connection with a woman from a different cultural background and rejoice in our shared humanity? Join the next cohort by signing up here.

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