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Do You Love Podcasts?

Published on April 19, 2021

I first met Adela Mizrachi several years ago at a thank you event for professionals who had volunteered their time to speak to patrons of the (now defunct) Next Door Cafe in Chicago. I loved Adela’s venture, Podcast Brunch Club—like book club, for podcasts—so I promptly joined this free club and began meeting once a month with other podcast aficionados at various Chicago brunch locations. 

Since then, Adela has taken her idea and rapidly expanded it worldwide, with chapters in 70+ cities on 6 continents. Wow! Each month features a curated list of podcasts around a central theme. This month’s theme is “Mother Earth.” Past months have included topics as varied as “Women,” “Working Hard or Hardly Working,” “Black Experiences,” “Friendship,” “Freedom of Speech,” and so many more. And of course the groups have adapted with virtual meetings during the pandemic.   

I reached out to learn more about PBC’s beginnings and future plans in this interview with Adela

YOUR TURN: Check out the Podcast Brunch Club in your area (or volunteer to start one if there’s none there yet) or join the virtual club to meet other podcast lovers. Enjoy current and past listening lists at your leisure. 

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