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Are you looking for a community of like-minded women to share your journey?

Organize a coaching group!

These blend the best of both worlds: Professional coaching, along with an encouraging community. Working with a group of individuals who share similar challenges and dreams is hugely empowering.

Coaching groups offer a combination of peer support, brainstorming of ideas and resources, and shared accountability. Add to that the guidance of a certified life coach to set ground rules, provide a safe place for confidential conversation, facilitate discussion, and encourage goal-setting, and it’s an unbeatable formula.

These groups (maximum 8 people) meet in person, in the Chicago area, in 4 or more weekly or bi-weekly sessions of 2 hours each. I can also come to your location for a 1 or 2-day intensive.

“When I joined our coaching group, I’d been through a lot of transition and was feeling confused. Hélène created a safe environment where we could learn and grow together. Her coaching helped me understand that there is not just one “right” path for each of us but that, most important, whatever I choose to do next needs to fit with my values, gifts, and passions. As a result, I have become more conscious of my priorities and am giving myself permission to explore possibilities—and remember to take care of myself along the way!” – Isabelle B.

GROUP COACHING TOPICS (or suggest your own)

Group Coaching for Moms Facing the Empty Nest

Are you a full-time mom whose kids are leaving (or have left) home?
Do you wonder who you are now that your kids are gone?
Are you scared you’ll never figure out what you’re supposed to do next?
Do you feel like no one else gets it?




Group Coaching for Women Seeking Renewed Purpose in Midlife and Beyond

Do you wonder if this is all there is to your life?
Do you worry that your best years are behind you?
Are you feeling aimless and lost?
Are you scared you’ll never figure out what you’re supposed to do next?
Do you feel like no one else gets it?



Contact me to organize a coaching program around your group’s needs and schedule.

“Our coaching group was ideal, with specific content, tailored exercises, a cohesive group, and a lovely setting! I’d been trying to shift from worrying about missing my kids to pursuing some of my own goals. Thinking through big ideas and potential paths in a supportive group helped me confirm some thoughts I’d been having and feel clarity around my next steps. I have found new confidence and validation to move forward. Thank you!” –Susan L.