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Do you have a dream you’ve been putting off?

Is there something you’re yearning to do, something that’s been tugging at your heart?

Do you keep promising yourself you’ll get started but something always gets in the way?

Do you worry you’ll end up waking up in 10 years full of regret?

It’s one thing to feel a calling, a mission, a purpose—another entirely to create a life aligned with that WHY.

Most of us spend more time planning a vacation than planning our lives.
Can you imagine that?

What if you could…
  • Know exactly how you plan to make your dream a reality?
  • Be equipped with the resources and support to take action on that plan?
  • Enjoy the accountability most of us need to stay on track?
  • Wake up every morning excited to face the day?
  • Plan your life with passion and confidence?
  • Feel at peace and hopeful about the future?

The LIVE YOUR PURPOSE Mastermind Group is designed to help you each step of the way… as you explore the possibilities and create a life of meaning and joy.

And if you’re stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the perfect time to engage in this virtual program with a community of like-minded seekers.


What makes this group unique is the power of the Mastermind.

I first created an in-person Mastermind several years ago with other Chicago coaches and can attest that the concept works. There’s nothing like a Mastermind to leverage the group’s collective brainpower, push ideation outside the box, expand networks, champion one another, and create accountability. It’s an amazing feeling to know you are not alone.

I have also seen this power in action when coaching small in-person groups. Problem is, it’s hard to form these groups given the limitations of diverse locations and busy schedules. So I’m betting I can make a Mastermind work just as well in a virtual format. On your time, at your location.

That’s the reason I created the LIVE YOUR PURPOSE Mastermind Group, which I’m beta testing for the first time online and am limiting to 20 people.

In this Mastermind, I’ll be providing a wealth of information and resources to facilitate and turbocharge your search for a purposeful life, including how to:

  • Organize a brainstorm to expand the possibilities beyond your own ideas
  • Narrow down your ideas to the top 3 ripe for exploration
  • Leverage your connections, personal and professional
  • Reach out to contacts, including easy-to-use email scripts
  • Conduct meaningful informational interviews
  • Design your potential paths to a life of purpose—and choose the best one for you
  • Break your goal into short-term manageable steps
  • Plan your time and prioritize your pursuit of purpose in your daily life
  • Use proven best practices to support you long-term and keep you on track
  • Celebrate your successes, each step of the way

Most importantly, this Mastermind will give you access to other people on a mission, handpicked for membership in the group.

If you’re interested in joining this group, you’ll need to fill out an application that includes ground rules promoting confidentiality and respect, collaboration over competition. You’ll have a stated purpose you’re looking to bring to life. And you’ll be eager to interact regularly in our exclusive community by sharing your experience, wisdom, ideas, solutions to encourage action, troubleshoot issues, and celebrate successes.

Let’s support one another!

Beyond that—and here’s where Masterminds shine—you’ll be asked to commit to sharing your own relevant connections with members of the group who are seeking resources for purely informational 15-minute phone calls with experts in their area of interest.

For example, you could help by connecting a group member who is…

  • Considering going back to school to become a social worker with a friend who is a therapist.
  • Thinking about launching a new skincare product with a friend who came out with a new consumer product or is in the beauty industry.
  • Interested in volunteering with underprivileged children with a friend who works for a nonprofit focused on that population or who volunteers for one.
  • Eager to write her first novel with a friend who is a published fiction author or works with would-be writers.

You get the idea.

Again, these are informational calls, nothing more and certainly NOT job interviews. Group members commit to sharing connections with at least 5 other members. So with up to 20 people in our group, you’ll likely have access to dozens of new contacts outside your personal circle, for a powerful multiplier effect.

Let’s share our networks!


This group is for you if you:

  • Are tired of living by default and eager to live on purpose
  • Have a goal or purpose in mind that you are committed to fulfilling
  • Are ready to carve out some time each week on your purpose-seeking journey
  • Believe 2 (or 20!) heads are better than 1 when it comes to solving a problem or exploring an opportunity
  • Are willing to be challenged and get out of your comfort zone
  • Yearn to connect with a community of purposeful life seekers
  • Are eager to share your own expertise, ideas, resources, and connections with other group members—and receive theirs
  • Are committed to supporting and celebrating other group members on this journey

Did you say HELL YEAH! to the above statements?

Then the LIVE YOUR PURPOSE Mastermind group is for you!

(If you’re a maybe or a meh, it’s not.)

Here are the details:

Participation: Minimum 10, maximum 20 participants, adults 18 or older.

Dates: 3 months, beginning once we have the minimum number of participants


An experienced certified life coach who will provide tools and resources, instructions and advice, coaching and mentoring to each member
A support system of equally committed purpose seekers who will help you celebrate your successes, troubleshoot your setbacks, and champion you through your journey – so you never feel alone
A sounding board of members who will lend their expertise by providing honest feedback on your ideas, by helping you brainstorm solutions to problems, and by assisting you in making better decisions
The opportunity to network outside your own personal and professional contacts by sharing relevant connections with group members—multiplying your resources
The accountability you need to keep you on track and ensure you’re taking action and moving forward toward your weekly goals
A private Facebook group where you can engage, collaborate, and cheer each other on!

Bonus 1: I give each participant 30 minutes of complimentary individual coaching over the phone, to be used during the program.
Bonus 2: I lead regular Zoom meetings for members of this group, where we all support participants who are stuck, have questions, or need feedback—and learn from each other.


So what’s it worth to you to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE?

To wake up every day knowing you are on the right path for you, one that brings you meaning and joy?

How about $297?

Yes, you read that right! That’s only $3.30 per day! 

Today, I’m rolling out a beta test of the LIVE YOUR PURPOSE Mastermind group in a private online interactive group.

If you’re not familiar with beta or pilot programs, they’re a first run of a new program, where you get to provide feedback throughout—because of this, beta/pilot programs usually have a very low investment to participants. When I next run this program, I expect the price will be much higher, probably twice as much or more.

Interested? Click on the button to apply for your spot.

But don’t delay: I’m only accepting the first 20 qualifying participants!


“When I joined our coaching group, I’d been through a lot of transition and was feeling confused. Hélène created a safe environment where we could learn and grow together. Her coaching helped me understand that there is not just one ‘right’ path for each of us but that, most important, whatever I choose to do next needs to fit with my values, gifts, and passions. As a result, I have become more conscious of my priorities and am giving myself permission to explore possibilities—and remember to take care of myself along the way!” – Isabelle B.

When you invest in the LIVE YOUR PURPOSE Mastermind group, you invest in yourself. You take power back by taking action. You ask for the support you need to show you the way forward and to hold you up when you stumble. You make yourself accountable by committing to the group. You share the journey with other engaged purposeful life seekers. In other words, you set yourself up for success.

As they say, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Are you ready to surround yourself with a team that will support you on creating your purpose-filled life?

It’s your choice.



Email me at Helene@HeleneTStelian.com

Hope to connect with you in our Mastermind group!

Warmly, Hélène

And if you’re unsure about how to articulate your goal or calling, check out my 6-week Discover Your Purpose online group program. You’ll go from confusion to clarity in no time!


Live Your Purpose


Hélène Tragos Stelian is a certified life coach, speaker, and author.

She helps people who feel lost and stuck, scared and overwhelmed, and are struggling to move forward—whether in their professional or personal lives. She helps them clarify who they are and what they want, so they can begin to take bold steps toward their goals.

Hélène has a special interest in women in midlife who wonder if their best years are behind them and what’s next for them. She shows them how to put themselves first, reclaim their identity, figure out what’s next, and feel excited about their future.

She speaks on many subjects, including purpose, perfectionism, success, and goal-setting.

She runs private coaching groups. Her newest offering, Women’s Wisdom Circles, are small groups of women coming together monthly to tackle life’s challenges and share empathy, inspiration, and encouragement.

In her blogs, Purpose Stories and Next Act for Women, she shares inspirational stories of people who have found their life’s calling—and are living it—at any age. She also writes about purpose, midlife, women, parenting, and college for other sites, including the Huffington Post.

Hélène is the author of three books: Moving to College, Finding the Right Colleges for You, and Getting Ready for Baby.

Connect with Hélène on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.