coaching, life coaching, purpose, life coach, lifestyle coachWhat is your life’s purpose?
My life’s purpose is to live and lead with passion, authenticity, and an abundance mindset.

How are you living your purpose?
Service, fun, and connection are non-negotiable values that drive how I interact on the world. On the professional side, I have a coaching and consulting business with a mission statement that is the same as my life purpose. I provide training and coaching services to help clients live and lead authentically so they have higher levels of fulfillment and satisfaction. I am also a trainer of coaches and love teaching them the skills to help others live in alignment with their purpose. I recently moved closer to my parents so I can be a greater support. I am now looking for ways to contribute to the local community…more to come in that area. Every day is energizing because each day brings me closer to the man I want to be. (more…)