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“Hélène is an electrifying and eloquent public speaker. She is both informative and entertaining, engaging the audience as she intersperses her advice with anecdotes and refreshing doses of humor.” – Claudia, Glencoe Women’s Library Club

“Hélène is a professional, thoughtful leader who was very easy to work with in planning our event. She understands creating a safe space for sharing to promote authenticity. I highly recommend working with her.” — Xyla Gatilao, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Upcoming Appearances:


Rancho La Puerta Spa, Mexico

Join me April 6-12 at this fabulous destination spa. I’ll be presenting on navigating the midlife transition and conducting workshops on self-talk, superpowers, and legacy. Learn more here: https://rancholapuerta.com/the-ranch/events-calendar/

Hélène’s Interactive, High-Content Presentations

Navigating the Midlife Transition

In midlife, many of us will face an overload of demands. Common midlife struggles include aging parents, relationship problems, health concerns, and identity questions—it’s no surprise that these middle years have been shown to be the lowest in happiness! Many of us will feel a need to examine who we are, where we’ve been, and what we want out of our second half. In this talk, we delve into the challenges and opportunities of midlife, and we learn the critical steps we need to take in order not only to survive but to thrive, in middle age and beyond.


“Hélène dispels the midlife crisis myth while articulately and concisely sharing ideas for embracing the opportunities of this unique time in one’s life.” –DeeDee McCabe, Parent Education Committee, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka IL

Moms Facing the Empty Nest: Thriving After the Kids Are Gone

I worry I’ll never find the kind of fulfillment I felt as a mother.
I’m scared that the best years of my life are behind me.
I wonder: What’s next for me?

Does any of this resonate? Many of us—especially full-time mothers—will feel a keen sense of loss and longing when our teens leave home. We will question our role and purpose if it’s not to be caregivers to our children. Add to that common midlife struggles around aging parents, intimate relationships, and health concerns, and this is the “perfect storm” of stressors. At this time, it will be critical for us to get clear on who we are and where to find meaning now that the kids are gone, and how to create a life of joy and fulfillment in the empty nest. In this talk we’ll learn the critical steps to do just that.


“Hélène was outstanding, our guests loved her!  It is rare to find a speaker that engages the entire audience, but Hélène certainly did.  Not only was her presentation incredibly relevant, it was thoughtfully and professionally presented.  Hélène is an absolute dream to work with.  I would recommend her to any group – hands down!”—Carrie Blaine, Chicago Chapter Administrator, Young Presidents’ Organization

Create a Life of Purpose

Most people say their goal in life is to be happy and believe that more money is the key to attaining that goal; the research disagrees. One of the key factors in increasing happiness is living a life of purpose. But what does that mean, exactly? And how does one actually do this? In this talk, we define what purpose means to us, debunk common myths about purpose, and learn the essential questions we need to ask in order to discover our purpose and live it day in, day out—at any age.


I greatly enjoyed Hélène’s talk. It was funny and engaging, but also thought provoking and practical. Switching gears in midlife is something that many, if not most, women will contemplate, but can feel overwhelming. She spoke in a relatable way about the struggles and rewards, and offered useful, clear suggestions as to how to begin and be successful in the process.” –Ann A.

Making Peace With Your Inner Critic

“You suck at your job.” “Nobody likes you.” “You’ll never find love.” “You’re a lazy bum.”

Do you have a nasty voice inside you that keeps nagging at you, telling you, in one way or another, that you’re not good enough? We all have an Inner Critic, developed over time with the best of intentions—to keep us safe. Problem is, by thriving on fear, it’s also keeping us small. This mean, judgmental voice is stuck on repeat and we’ve come to believe it.

 What’s the best way to address our Inner Critic when it shows up? In this talk, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for disempowering your Inner Critic’s hold on you—so you can finally let go of your fear and act on your dreams.


“Hélène’s workshop on the inner critic “really really helped me identify these awful voices in my head and find a way to combat them. Thank you! This was awesome!” –Jen

Overcoming Perfectionism

What price are you paying for seeking perfection? The research is clear: Pursuing perfection is self-destructive. It mires us in fear and shame, takes a toll on our physical and mental health, threatens our relationships, hampers our success, drains our time and energy, and basically takes all the joy out of life. 

In this talk, we’ll dig deep into the roots and consequences of perfectionism, then learn a step-by-step process to overcome our perfectionism by focusing on self-compassion, challenging our irrational beliefs and unattainable standards, and practicing being “good enough.” Join us to unshackle yourself from the weight of this scourge and reclaim your lightness and joy.


Hélène’s talk had everything:  content, delivery and humor. I go to many events and I think she was better than many of the professional speakers they get. Hélène had the audience interested and with her the entire way.  I also loved the list of top things women did when they were finding themselves. This is good advice.”—Denise H.

Own Your Superpowers!

Yes, we all have them. So why are we sometimes reluctant to let our unique gifts, talents, and abilities shine? In this workshop, we’ll learn how expressing our strengths is essential to our well-being and we’ll discuss ways to identify, own, and utilize them.  

Taming Procrastination

We all procrastinate on some tasks at times, but for some of us, it becomes a chronic condition that impedes our progress and our success. Why do we do it? No, it’s not because we’re lazy, work better under pressure, or have no willpower.

In this talk, we’ll uncover the four main reasons for procrastination and address ways to reframe and combat each one. Hélène will present research-based tips to help you stop wasting time, stop stressing out, and start tackling your biggest challenges TODAY.


“I saw Hélène speak at a luncheon recently. Helene not only shares inspirational stories, but she delivers them in an accessible, clear, entertaining way. She is clearly comfortable with public speaking and knows how to engage an audience. I would highly recommend her—and not only to women of a certain age. She has collected thoughts and wisdom useful to all.” —Patti Sherry-Crews

What’s Your Legacy?

At some point in our lives, we begin to think about the meaning of life—of our life—and what we’ll leave behind. How do we want to be remembered? What impact do we wish to have, whether on our family, our community, or our world? In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to create and shape our unique legacies and explore options for each of us to do just that. 

“Hélène does a great job fostering community through her talks. She validates each person’s experience while openly sharing her own. I always bond with other attendees and stay on at the end to talk some more.”—Shaily H.

Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome

Are you a high-achieving person who feels like a fraud? Welcome to the club!

 In this talk, we’ll learn about the Impostor Syndrome, an often-secret struggle of successful people, and how the shame and self-doubt that come with it keep us small. Then, we’ll practice a 3-step process to quiet that fraud voice inside us and replace it with a more positive one—so we can stop suffering in silence and reclaim our power.


“Overcoming Impostor Syndrome was incredibly valuable. This is a topic of interest for me and something I have struggled with personally. It was refreshing for this topic to be discussed and to realize that those of us who struggle with this are not alone. It provided a ton of insights as to what contributes to someone developing Impostor Syndrome, as well as many helpful tips on how to overcome it and feel more confident.” ~ Lisa J.

How to Set Goals—and Reach Them!

Are you struggling to set goals for yourself—or stick with them? Studies have shown that setting goals is critical to success and that striving toward goals boosts happiness. Yet only a small number of us actually set and pursue goals. Most of us let life circumstances or other people dictate our goals. We live day to day, and before we know it, another year has gone by.

How can we regain control? In this talk, we’ll lay out a step-by-step approach to identify goals and create action plans to support them. We’ll also learn the research-backed tips to ensuring we reach our goals.

It’s time to design your life—and fulfill your potential.


Hélène’s presentation was engaging and inspiring. She articulated beautifully the opportunities, challenges and feelings that come with midlife for women… with hope and humor.” —Lynne


In addition to my signature talks, I am available to create custom presentations and workshops for your group or organization. These can also be given as speeches for larger groups.