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Grab your 1-on-1

VIP session with Hélène!


Are you feeling stuck?
Are you running up against the same conflicts and issues, day after day?
Are you wondering how you can possibly move forward?


During your VIP session, you will:

  • Discover how you show up energetically, both in your day-to-day life and when you encounter stress.
  • Identify where your limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck in old patterns of indecision, conflict, fear, or blame.
  • Craft a plan of action to begin to get unstuck—leveraging your unique gifts while addressing your obstacles—so you are to move forward toward joy and fulfillment! 


To get started, you’ll receive a proprietary assessment to take online, then we’ll hop on the phone for a 90-minute phone call to review your results and get you moving toward your goals!

My special price to you: Only $397! (value: $800)