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Bradley Laina: Musician, Composer, Producer

Published on 08/03/2017

What is your life’s purpose?
To live with courage, spreading love and awareness through music and art.

How are you living your purpose? 
Through music, film, and other creative endeavors I’ve been able to travel the world, experience beauty and awe inspiring adventure. I’ve met incredible people, worked with some of my heroes, and been very fortunate to pursue my dreams for a living. There are peaks and valleys to every life and every story. I’m terrified most times to try something new, or take a step into the unknown – but with good friends, love, empathy, and relentless drive, I’ve been able to live a very modest, but fulfilled life.

How did you find your purpose? 
I was always drawn to music and art. It’s always been my home. My grandparents played guitar and fiddle, and my mother was a child of the 60’s with a record collection to match, which I devoted many hours to. I began teaching myself piano around 8 years old and from then on I knew that it was the only road I would be happy with. From there it was a matter of determination to study, learn songs, improve, and find my self through music. I’ve found that music and creative arts always lead me to a place that I feel at home in.

I’ve been scared so many times and given up… “It’s too hard,” “I’m not good enough,” “People won’t like it”… I still get overwhelmed by fear and self-doubt at times, but I find that each time I overcome that fear, each time I walk past that doubt, my purpose becomes more powerful than before. My connection to the audience is stronger, and the music feels better…. so I keep walking.


What advice do you have for purpose seekers? 
Love the ride. Be honest with yourself. Be brave. Acknowledge your desires then take steps to get there, no matter how small. Each thought, each motion towards your goal will set the universe into a complementary motion that will eventually lead to your purpose. Love the ride.

What resources do you recommend?
Read Kerouac. On the Road, Big Sur, and The Dharma Bums were my windows into characters that approached life with passion and took less traveled roads.
Read teachings of The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Buddha, or a spiritual guru of your choice. In order to find our outward purpose, we have to first go inward.
Watch Cosmos. Both the Carl Sagan and the new Neal deGrasse Tyson versions are a great way to remind yourself of the relative insignificance of things like fear, doubt, and social constructs.
Read Life by Keith Richards, an autobiography from the legendary guitarist/songwriter for the Rolling Stones. The man has been to heaven and hell then back again, and he loved every second of the ride…


Connect with Bradley Laina

Bradley Laina is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter, musician, film composer, and multi-media producer. Best known as the singer of alt-Americana band Vaudeville Etiquette, he’s also written and produced music featured in films, television, and online media worldwide. 

Through his music and creative endeavors he has toured the US and Europe, worked at legendary recording studios including Skywalker Sound (Lucasfilm, Star Wars, Indiana Jones), and has been featured in Starbucks stores and Spotify playlists. Most recently he directed an award nominated music video, and composed music for award winning documentaries “Big Sonia” and “Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey”. 

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